The project was to remove all visible contamination from the internal surfaces of all ventilation systems located across Centrica’s portfolio. Mechanical drawings were provided by the client as visual surveys were not available to all areas due to staff occupancy.

Typically the AHU’s were located at roof level and consisted of fresh air intake, heating coils, filters, dampers, supply fan and extract fan. The supply ductwork was distributed from the AHU to drop within a riser shaft to serve various levels throughout the office buildings. The ductwork entered the floors at low level rather than typically at ceiling level to serve the floor void from where supply air was transferred via floor mounted supply diffusers. The return air ductwork is also distributed from the AHU to drop within a riser shaft to serve levels 1, 2 & 3. The ductwork enters the floors at high level from where air is extracted via a single bell-mouth.

Summary of works:

  • Toilet extract systems were also included in the ventilation cleaning works and consisted of similar systems.

  • Kitchen extraction cleaning works were also undertaken across the whole portfolio. The works consisted of cleaning from the main extraction canopies and pot wash areas including all system components through to atmosphere.

  • Over 60 sensors have been installed over approximately 14 sites.

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